Rabu, 01 Desember 2010

Too Much Drama

Too much drama can cause your best supporters to retreat in haste. (via Mida Nopitasari)

I know I’m her best supporter. And maybe I’m the only one she got.
But she got too much drama in her life. I know she’s not the kind of girl who complains too much and cries all the time. She only complains to me. But, I’m tired to give her long, tiring speech that she didn’t even hear to it. I told her to get out, and have revenge to the people who make her misereable. But, she just locked herself in a room hotel. God knows what she was doing in there. I offer to help her, to come to her in person, we can cry together, console each other about our broken heart, but she won’t let me come to her place.

I’m tired to force her tell me where she is all the time. I’m tired to hear how far she has lost in a way to pull herself together, instead it make her down as a worse looser. I don’t wanna make myself feel horrible, thinking that I can’t help her at all (I mean, OMG, she won’t let me help her).


So tell me, people. Am I wrong to leave her? I already told her I’m tired. I just want her to give everything she could do before she declared she has beaten by her enemies. But she’s just whining, complaining, drama-drama, then escaping herself to an easier way.

3 komentar:

  1. kalo dia memang gak mau ditemenin dan ditolong,ya udah...bukan salahmu toh.

  2. at least sudah berusaha membantu nes ^^;

  3. yang penting kamu dah usaha


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