Selasa, 02 November 2010


Gw tahu kalo semua keinginan gw nggak bisa selalu terkabulkan. Gw bukan anak tk who will just simply stomping my feet to get what I want. On the contrary I would just shut up and completely understand. One thing that I can’t accept--well, it’s normal if we get sulking for at least for few minutes when we’re mad. And ALL I did was saying my opinion LOUDLY (I know this is a mistake) that the whole thing was unfair to me. That's it.

I did my best to make them feel happy and comfy, so they can give what I want ‘by accident’, but why on earth they have to be harsh like that? Throwing such an attitude and those cruel words, striking me like hurricane, putting some irrelevant points for my mistakes in the past. AGAIN.

Gw benci banget orang yang selalu berubah-ubah sikapnya. Hari ini A besok Z. Sebenarnya, isi otak mereka itu kek gimana sampe bisa berubah-ubah gitu?

Kemarin mereka bilang mereka menerima segala sesuatunya sebagaimana adanya. They were soooo nice, very supportive, and full of love. Then today, in this evening, they told me how selfish I am, that I’m nothing but a bunch of crap.


*lirik atas. Bahasa inggris gajeh banget. Campursari antara brit-english + american english*

Auk ah. Gw males sakit hati lagi dan lagi.

Mending bobok aja.


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